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Clogging although rare may occur sometimes. Make sure NOT to leave bar in very hot, cold, and or humid environment.
To unclog make sure bar is charged (do not use your bar while it is charging please)
Try pulling with extra force to get air flow do approximately 2-3 times.

Although rare small amount may leak occasionally. Use a rubbing alcohol dipped swab to clean as much off and see if the issue persists. Make sure tank is not left in very hot, cold and or humid location. If leaking continues please contact us 

When you begin to use your Bar you should see the light at the bottom light up Along with noticing some vapor.

P.U.S.H. products are lab tested by licensed laboratories so we make sure our product is free of any chemicals which may cause harm. No harmful ingredients are added.

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Allow 5-7 business days to ship not including weekends NO refunds ONLY exchange with tag and unopened

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